Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's fleshy and pink and is located between your teeth?

  Did you guess it? It’s your tongue!  Did you know your tongue is key in many vital roles?  You mean it’s not just for biting on, or curling into a tube, or sticking out at disagreeable people?  No, no our tongues are used for much more important things.  It moves the food around the mouth and toward the throat for swallowing.  Can you imagine how tough chewing gum would be?  It would be impossible without the tongue. 
It covers the special sense of taste.  Humans have approximately 9 to 10 thousand taste buds on the top of their tongues.  Giving us the ability to differentiate from sweet, sour, bitter, and salty foods.  Think about that the next time you lick a lollipop. 
And it helps us with our speech production.  The way we can shape our words with our lips and tongue is incredible.  We wouldn’t be able to do fun things like comical tongue twisters or rolling our R's. 
Like a fingerprint, tongue prints are all different and unique. It would be interesting if we identified people with tongue prints instead of fingerprints.  There’s an idea for the future. 
 Your tongue is the primary source of bad breath so it too must be brushed every day.  It’s not just about keeping your teeth clean but your entire mouth.  Teeth, gums, tongue; all should be kept clean and healthy. 
So as you can see the tongue plays an important role for humans.  Without it we would not be able to eat, spit, speak, or swallow.  All we have to do is take care of it. 


The doctors and staff at Northview Dental Associates all agree. We have the best patients on the planet. We want to thank you for making our jobs as enjoyable as they are. In the past we have worked on expressing our thanks to you by giving back to you with Jazz tickets, ipads and gift cards for referrals. We intend to continue thanking you in the future.

We want you to know about some of the coming events Northview is planning.

1. When you refer your friends August and September we are putting their name in a drawing for an ipod touch. We did this last month and want to congratulate Rick Payne for being the lucky winner.

2. We will also do a drawing for you great referrers out there who keep sending your friends and family to us. When you refer someone to our office you will automatically be entered in a drawing for an ipad2! Just make sure your friend mentions your name as a referral and that they have their appointment by December 15th.

3. You can help us with our September Service month. We want to give back to the community and help those in real need. If you know of anyone down on their luck and who really needs dental care, please email their name and story to and they may be chosen for free dental services at Northview Dental! Leave your contact information so we can talk more with you if your nominee is selected.

Again, thank you so much. Stay in touch on facebook or our blog so you don’t miss out on fun and prizes in the future. Every Friday check out our facebook page and play TGIF Trivia and have a chance to win great gift cards to local businesses.

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