Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some people are afraid of heights, some germs, others…DENTISTS

Sweaty, shaky hands, short, quick breaths, sick, and somewhere in the back of your mind a little voice begging you to run away.  Did you know that about 35 million people feel this way when they have a dentist appointment? It’s true!
Dental phobia or fear of dentists is quite common.  This anxiety can emerge for different reasons, either rooted from previous bad experiences, the anticipation of pain, or even the smell of the dental office can take its toll. 
I’m here to let you know that even with these fears dental hygiene is very important and avoiding your appointments is not the best thing to do.  Most people find that it becomes easier to attend their appointments once they get to know their dentist better.  You’ll find that Northview Dental has some of the best doctors who are very friendly and take extremely good care of their patients.  You’ll quickly find that there is nothing to fear!             
Visit Northview Dental, get to know your dentist, establish a healthy dentist-patient relationship, and soon the little voice in the back of your mind will disappear.