Friday, March 25, 2011

Sports Mouthguard Facts

Dental injuries are very common among athletes.  Participating in sporting activities greatly increases your risk of dental or orofacial injuries.  By wearing a mouthgard, you GREATLY reduce your risk of major injury to not only your teeth, but your brain as well.  Wearing a properly designed and well-fitted mouthguard reduces your chance of concussions and damage to the brain and skull by evenly distributing the impact on the teeth.  According to every athlete involved in a contact sport has about 10% chance per season of an orofacial injury.
Pro athletes have a great chance (approximately 48%) of sustaining such an injury during their athletic career.
  • More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year during sport-related activities. This can help be prevented by wearing an athletic mouthguard.
  • An athlete is sixty times more likely to sustain damage to their teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard.
  • The cost of a fractured tooth is many times greater than the cost of a dentist diagnosed and professionally designed mouthguard.
  • The cost to replant a tooth and follow up dental treatment can run costly.
  • A properly fitted mouthguard reduces the chance of the athlete sustaining a concussion from a blow to the jaw.
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